Public Procurement Law

Selected projects

The procurement of goods and services sets in motion a giant market. Currently, the public procurement market in EU has a volume of more than EUR 1,500 billion. This is around 17% of the gross domestic product of the EU.

The economic importance of the public procurement market depends on the legal provisions that are constantly changing. In Europe and particularly in Poland, the public procurement system is dynamic and changes almost every year. We are always up to date and even ahead, as we track the changes to develop strategies.

Clients and contractors need more than just specialist consulting. Your decisions need to be well-founded in respect of macro-economic, commercial and legal aspects. And we can help here. Whether it is building, supply and service contract, license agreement, competition matter or PPP projects, we support clients and contractors from all sectors in each phase of a public procurement procedure.

Our support starts once the public procurement procedure is launched. We audit tender documents, support in preparing complete and correct offers and requests to participate in a tender procedure, we analyze risks based on the public contract proposed by awarding entity and provide on-going consulting services with regard to conclusion and performance of a public contract. These also include the avoidance and settlement of disputes related to the public contract by mediation.

If claims need to be asserted, we represent our clients before the Public Procurement Office, National Appeal Chamber, European and civil courts. Through our offices in the EU, we are also able to conduct proceedings in other countries.

The focus areas of our activity include:

  • preparing and drafting calls for tenders awarded in the public procurement procedure, as well as tenders awarded pursuant to procedures similar to public procurement procedures (for example tenders financed by the international organizations, in particular by World Bank),
  • structuring and optimizing public procurement procedures
  • checking the tender documents
  • accompanying in the process of filing requests to participate in a tender procedure and offers, as well as assessing and reviewing such requests and offers
  • advising on the public procurement procedure and control of the award
  • supporting preparing and filing the offer
  • auditing public procurement procedures, in particular, their lawfulness and lawfulness of the awards
  • representing before monitoring authorities in Poland and abroad
  • participating in appeals before national and European courts
  • participating in civil proceedings related to the performance of a public contract