Precedent success of the Public Procurement Law Team at the National Appeal Chamber

Precedent-setting success for SDZLEGAL Schindhelm at the National Board of Appeal.
The Public Procurement Law team consisting of: Aleksandra Płudowska i Tomasz Dąbrowski of the Public Procurement and Waste Management Law Department, headed by Partner of SDZLEGAL Schindhelm Anna Specht-Schampera obtained for the client a favourable judgment in the National Appeal Chamber in the case of contractual penalties for failure to achieve the so-called municipal waste recycling levels.

In tenders for waste collection and management, municipalities 'pass' their statutory penalties for failing to achieve so-called municipal waste recycling levels onto contractors, which has been
a significant problem in the waste management industry for years. The National Appeal Chamber, as a result of our legal action, ordered the Contracting Authority to reduce the contractual penalties
by half! This sets an absolute precedent, and we hope that the verdict will change the previous approach of both the Chamber and the Ordering Parties.

We will provide more information after reading the written reasons for the judgment.

Autor: Anna Specht-Schampera
Autor: Aleksandra Płudowska
Autor: Tomasz Dąbrowski