Employment law is as diverse as everyday business of your company. The Employment Law team in SDZLEGAL Schindhelm provides you with comprehensive advice in the field of individual and collective employment law and supports you in all areas of HR management and HR development. The range of consulting services extends from complex employment contracts and termination agreements to the articles of associations, and from other corporate employment issues to of labor leasing and data protection in the employment relationship. In cases of dispute, we represent your interests in all instances before the national employment courts, as well as before authorities or in negotiations with the trade unions or works councils.

In addition to the statutory provisions, employment law is heavily affected by employment courts’ case law. Our team is always up to date and monitors current developments for you, including legal initiatives and verdicts in individual cases. We thus know which matters will be relevant in the future and can provide you with foresight-based pro-active advise.

In addition to strategic employment decisions, employment matters are governed by employment contracts. Our team knows the pitfalls of employment and service contracts from many years of experience and develops tailored, legally sound and future-proof contracts, including regular employment contracts, a contracts with managing directors or board members, a delegation and consultant agreements, freelance employment and service contracts. And thus we make a fundamental contribution to your company's successful risk management. But we are also your partner in and out of court, ready to answer your questions regarding an existing contractual relationship, the dismissal or termination.

Additionally, the Employment Law department holds a variety of training sessions for employers on different aspects of employment law. Each training session is prepared individually to meet the Client’s particular needs. Apart from the training sessions for our Clients, SDZLEGAL Schindhelm together with the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce prepares cycles of training sessions on employment law for the members of Chambers and other entities.

Our Law Firm holds also BREAKFASTS HR: free of charge, periodical meetings of human resources managers of large employers, aiming at the exchange of experiences and the integration of this professional group.

The Employment Law Department advises our Clients as regards the following issues:

  • preparation of work regulations and regulations concerning remuneration, company social benefits fund regulation and other company-specific sources of employment law,
  • preparation of employment contracts, contracts for the members of the management board and high-ranking management personnel, non-compete contracts and individual employee documentation,
  • posting employees abroad to the EU member states and to other states,
  • legal aspects of vocational development of the employers,
  • procedures connected with the penalty for breach of order and material liability of employees (individual and collective),
  • introduction of flexible working time,
  • employment of foreigners in Poland,
  • termination of employment contracts, including collective redundancies and employment restructuring,
  • monitored termination of employment (outplacement),
  • temporary employment,
  • M&A transactions or dividing companies or their parts in light of employment law,
  • obligation to inform the employees and to conduct consultations in light of Polish and EU law,
  • solving employment disputes and representation before employment courts,
  • negotiation of collective agreements and other agreements.