Corporate Litigation

The complexity of decisions and the influence of an economic environment in which companies operate, is probable to cause some conflicts. The main activity, within a framework of our specialization, is to prevent, as well as to solve all kinds of corporate issues. Our expertized team distinguishes itself by a standout knowledge about corporate law, companies, capital market and civil litigation. In the litigations we proceed, we are acting on behalf of corporations and their minority as well as majority shareholders. We have developed our experience by leading the most complex ownership disputes in private and public companies. Our individual approach, considering the specific features of each case, is provided due to an awareness of the variety of business intentions with regard to each participating stakeholder.

While in litigation, we are trying not only to be efficient litigators but also become our Client business advisors. Furthermore, we realize that each settlement is necessarily associated with an economic value, as every entity should have had an opportunity to exit from an unprofitable investment in decent and fair conditions.