Tax law consists of many acts and regulations. Additionally, due to imprecise rules, regulations, and a variety of transactions or events, which may be subject to taxes, courts’ judgments and rulings presented by the tax authorities play a major role while interpreting the tax law.

It is not unusual that similar events may bring about different tax consequences. Moreover, the standpoint presented by the courts and the tax authorities in relation to certain events has often been changing over time. Therefore, taxpayers may feel lost in the jungle of tax regulations and rulings issued by the tax authorities.

SDZLEGAL Schindhelm Tax Team provides comprehensive tax advisory services. While taking care of our Clients’ operations, we take into account all tax risks they may be exposed to by finding solutions enabling not only minimizing risks but also reducing tax burdens.

Our tax advisory services spread from an ongoing tax advisory, through assistance at mergers and acquisitions, tax planning to tax audits. We assist in everyday contact with the tax authorities. We also provide client representation in tax proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

We also provide tax training services tailored to our Clients’ needs.

  • Our tax team provides, in particular:
  • ongoing tax advisory services
  • tax analysis of contracts, preparation of amendments in order to reduce potential adverse tax consequences
  • tax advisory at mergers and acquisitions
  • tax due diligence
  • tax audit services
  • tax planning
  • assistance and representation in tax proceedings and audits
  • assistance at obtaining rulings from the Minister of Finance
  • assistance at registration of foreign entities for the purposes of Polish VAT
  • VAT compliance services for foreign entities