Public Procurement Law

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When the products and services are procured, a gigantic market is set in motion. Public procurement currently has a volume of more than EUR 1,500 billion. This is around 17% of the gross domestic product of the EU.

The economic importance of public procurement market is associated with legal boundary parameters that are subject to constant changes. In Europe and particularly in Poland, we are dealing with a dynamic legal field in which there are radical innovations virtually every year. Our specialist knowledge has grown with the material. We are always up to date and sometimes ahead of the time when changes need to be predicted and public procurement law strategies developed.

Clients and contractors require more than just special consulting. Your decisions need to be well-founded with regard to macro-economic, commercial and legal aspects. And we can help here. Whether it is building, supply and service contracts, licences, competitions or PPP projects, we can support clients and contractors from all sectors in every phase of a public procurement procedure.

Our consulting starts once the award procedure is launched, in particular we conduct audit of tender documents, we guarantee our support with regard to preparation of complete and correct requests to participate in a tender procedure as well as of offers, we pursue an analysis of risks based on the public contract proposed by awarding entity, we provide on-going consulting services with regard to conclusion and execution of public contract. These also include the avoidance and settlement of disputes via mediation in relation with the execution of public contract.

If claims need to be asserted, we represent our clients before the Public Procurement Office, National Appeal Chamber, courts, European instances and civil courts. Via our offices in the EU, we are also able to conduct proceedings in other countries.

The focus areas of our activity include:

  • Preparation and drafting of calls for tender awarded pursuant to public procurement procedure, as well as tenders awarded pursuant to procedures similar to public procurement procedures (foe example tenders financed by the international organisations, in particular by World Bank),
  • Structuring and optimisation of public procurement procedures
  • Checking of the tender documents
  • Accompaniment of the requests to participate in a tender procedure/offers as well as assessment and review of such requests/offers
  • Award management and control of the award
  • Support in the order handling and project accompaniment
  • Subsequent auditing procedures, in particular against calls for tender and award decisions
  • Representation before award control authorities at home and abroad
  • Complaint procedures before supreme courts and European instances
  • Civil proceedings concerning the execution of public contract