State aid

The law on state aid defines the rules of participation of public funds in the activities of entrepreneurs. As they often seek precisely this kind of support for the implementation of their investments, the Firm's lawyers provide their advice at the stage preceding the submission of relevant applications, through the project implementation phase, up to the end of the project maintenance period. On the other hand, the Law Firm also supports entities providing assistance from state funds, helping them to implement financing in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Within the framework of state aid law, the Firm provides the following services in particular:

  • on behalf of beneficiaries, as well as public entities, prepares analyses and legal opinions on the existence of state aid in specific projects and the risks associated with it;
  • conducts audits with regard to state aid funds obtained by beneficiaries;
  • prepares legal opinions on the transfer of aid funds;
  • prepares contracts and agreements necessary at the stage of applying for support in specific programmes, as well as provides assistance in the proper submission of applications;
  • advises beneficiaries of state aid at the stage of implementation, sustainability and settlement of projects co-financed from public funds;
  • advises beneficiaries as well as providers of support related to services of general economic interest;
  • assists beneficiaries during controls on the use of aid funds;
  • represents beneficiaries in their dealings with intermediary/financing institutions and, in the event of disputes, before state administrative bodies and administrative and common courts.

SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES are a special area of the Firm's activity in the field of state aid law.