Foreign Investments

Legal advice on foreign investments constitutes a specific part of the activity of our Law Firm. It requires from our lawyers not only a profound knowledge of the Polish law but also a knowledge of the legal regulations binding in the investor’s country as well as a knowledge of the social and economic conditions combined with a business feel.

Our Law Firm has gained extensive experience as regards foreign investments, both capital and industrial, in various sectors of the economy. We advise investors from almost all regions of the world, including England, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Japan, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

We are aware that in order to effectively advise on foreign investments the knowledge of languages is indispensable, hence we provide at the disposal of our Clients English and German departments with the lawyers fluent in these languages.

We have already realized many greenfield investments and the projects of expanding the already existing companies.

Legal advice on foreign investments covers among others:

  • advice on the choice of the form of the business activity,
  • carrying out all the procedures connected with the registration of the business activity,
  • aid in the purchase and development of a real estate,
  • legal advice on mergers and acquisitions,
  • legal advice on the acquisition of financial means for the investments,
  • legal advice on locating investments in Special Economic Zones,
  • analysis and advice on the legal aspects of personnel employment.