Waste management

Waste management is one of the most developed departments of our Law Firm, due to the obligation that Poland shall minimize the amount of the produced waste and the resulting development of the devices that serve the purpose of waste management through thermal, biological and mechanical processes. Our Law Firm makes every endeavor to advise on the legal aspects of the realization of the “recycling society”, as it is propagated by the European Union.

In the field of waste management we:

  • provide legal aid aiming at obtaining necessary permits, issued generally on the basis of the Waste Law, Act on Maintaining Cleanness and Order in Communes, Water Law; we offer representation before administrative and judiciary
  • advise on the realization of installation investments
  • advise on the obtaining public orders, including “green orders”, especially for the management of communal waste, summer and winter road cleaning, reclamation of waste grounds,
  • prepare and negotiate contracts on waste management, including those on material recovery