Whistle blowing in good faith still poorly protected

Whistle blower is a person who, acting in good faith and in the interests of the public good, exposing non-regularities or unethical behavior in the workplace or work environment, exposing themselves to mobbing, loss of employment or marginalization.

In Poland whistle blowers are considered as a confidents, and also there are lack of provisions which directly regulate their rights and obligations, and to provide them with adequate protection. Therefore, there are questions whether the employee, in the best interests of the employer, the employer should notify the irregularities in the company? What benefits can flow to the employer from the fact that it has a whistle blower at company? As well as the employer should keep it receives information about the weaknesses?

For all of these questions, you will find the answer in the article of our legal advisor Katarzyna Gospodarowicz which was published in the newspaper Rzeczpospolita on 9.04.2015, which is available here.