Contract Law

Contracts and Standard Terms and Conditions are the basis of all entrepreneurial activity. The negotiation and legal formulation of contracts not only secures the company's own legal position; it facilitates the enforcement of the resulting claims in the first place.

We provide you with comprehensive support in all matters of contract law, starting with advice with regard to the choice of contract, accompaniment in contract negotiations, the development of the company's own or the checking of contractual formulations of third parties to effective signing of the contract.

Irrespective of the legal field concerned, we have the know-how and the experience to provide you with comprehensive advice in the watertight drafting of your contracts.

In addition, contract controlling has grown considerably in importance due to the ever more complex changes in the law. We determine the status quo of the contracts in your company and check and revise individual contracts as required, thus guaranteeing that your contracts are legal.

While providing legal services concerning the conclusion and realisation of contracts, we make every endeavour to analyse the specificity of our Client’s business in order to adapt the drafted and negotiated contracts to the individual needs and procedures.

The Commercial Transactions Contracts Department provides legal service in the following areas:

  • drafting standardized contracts used by entrepreneurs, including contracts used in consumer transactions;
  • preparation and negotiation of typical contracts concluded in economic transactions connected with the current business activity (contracts of sale, delivery, transportation, rent, lease, media supply, contracts for specific work and mandate contracts);
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts concerning the realization of investments
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts that are typical of the Client’s business activity;
  • legal aid in pursuing claims arising under the concluded contracts;
  • legal aid in procedures of contract conclusion and legal aid for the participants of such procedures, in particular in public procurement