Company restructuring

Accurate and prompt identification of the causes of the crisis is vital to future success. Accordingly, we support entrepreneurs in the evaluation of the risk of loss of financial liquidity, profitability and inability to serve debts. We point to other legal measures that might be used to prevent a crisis. We assist in devising strategies enabling the entrepreneur to quickly counteract an impending crisis. If the crisis cannot be avoided, then we help to overcome it.

We know that if you go through a crisis, you feel compelled to take sudden and, not infrequently, painful measures, both legal and economic. Companies which due to various causes have been hit by a crisis can rely on our support in negotiations with contractors and the personnel, and in legal proceedings. We give advice on whether restructuring procedures are the right way that might bring success. If that is the case, we assist in drafting an application for restructurings proceedings and arrangement proposals that might be accepted by the creditors. In restructuring proceedings, we act as managers and trustees.

We also assist creditors of the businesses that are going through a crisis and/or face legal restructuring proceedings. We advise how best to safeguard our client’s interests and if that is the case how to effectively lodge claims.