Part-time work and annual leave. How do we calculate how many days off we are entitled to?

Gazeta Prawna 30.03.2024; Polish language

Leave of absence 2024. Basic principles for granting

Gazeta Prawna 30.03.2024; Polish language

What data can be expected from a job applicant

Pracownik Samorządowy 3/2024, str. 46-51; Polish language

Protection of private correspondence at work

IT w Administracji 01.2024; Polish language

Termination of the employment contract of a teacher who is no more than 4 years short of retirement

Pracownik Samorządowy 1/2024, str. 46-47; Polish language

Alcohol and misbehaviour at staff eve

Pracownik Samorządowy 12.2023; Polish language

Occupational diseases in teachers

Pracownik Samorządowy 12.2023, str. 36; Polish language

Employee sobriety checks. Why are companies reluctant to introduce testing?

Gazeta Prawna - wywiad 28.10.2023 (Polish language)

Is fatal poisoning an accident at work?

Pracownik Samorządowy 11.2023, Kadry str. 76 (Polish language)

Illegal clauses in employment contracts

Pracownik Samorządowy 10.2023, Kadry str. 41-49 (Polish language)

Improving professional qualifications does not always require a training contract

Pracownik Samorządowy 7 -8/2023, str. 75-79 (Polish language)

Setting up a holiday plan

Pracownik Samorządowy 7 -8/2023, str. 62-65 (Polish language)

End of ban on additional employment

Pracownik Samorządowy 5/2023, str. 50-53 (Polish language)

Accidents at remote work

Pracownik Samorządowy 4/2023, str. 34-39; Polish language

Work-life balance directive. Important changes for employers

Pracownik Samorządowy, str. 43-49; Polish language

National business travel

Pracownik Samorządowy, str. 50-52, Polish language

Health and safety in remote working

Pracownik Samorządowy, str. 28-36; Polish language

Sobriety control and remote working in the employer's internal regulations

Pracownik Samorządowy nr 2/2023, str. 71 - 75 (Polish language)

Freiwilliges Ausscheiden. Was Arbeitgeber wissen sollten.

Pracownik Samorządowy 01/2023, str. 72-77 (Sprache: Polnisch)

Annual overtime limit

Pracownik Samorządowy 01/2023, str. 42-47 (Polish language)

Bonus or reward? What to pay the employee at the end of the year?

Pracownik Samorządowy 12/2022, str. 10 (Polish language)

Employee deductions made on the basis of employee consent

Pracownik Samorządowy 12/2022, str. 28-33 (Polish language)

Accident (not) at work

Pracownik Samorządowy 10.2022 (Polish language)

Employer's obligations following the death of an employee

Pracownik Samorządowy 10.2022 (Polish language)

How to properly impose a disciplinary penalty?

Pracownik Samorządowy, 09.2022, str. 58-63 (Polish language)

All about working time for people with disabilities

Pracownik Samorządowy, 09.2022, str. 46-50 (Polish language)

Errors in the keeping of employee records

Pracownik Samorządowy 07/2022, str. 50-56 (Polish language)

Task-based working time in local government

Pracownik Samorządowy wyd. 7, str. 57-61 (Polish language)

Umbrella projects saved though?

Energia i Recykling Prawo i Podatki str. 49, 02/2022 (Polish language)

Home office from the beach in Spain

Rzeczpospolita, 8/2021 (Polish language)

Coronavirus: foreigner's return to work in Poland is not always easy

Rzeczpospolita, 8/2021 (Polish language)

RODO and employee vaccination: data protection makes it more difficult to ensure safe work

Rzeczpospolita, 7/2021 (Polish language)

Establishing an employment relationship

KIPWA, 7/2021 (Polish language)

Non-EU citizens are more difficult to delegate to Germany

Rzeczpospolita, 7/2021 (Polish language)

A foreigner should not be promoted just like that

Rzeczpospolita, 6/2021 (Polish language)

Accident of a posted person grounds for contesting insurance

Rzeczpospolita, 6/2021 (Polish language)

For false explanations disciplinary dismissal

Rzeczpospolita, 13.05.2021 (Polish language)

Pandemic does not force tolerance of excessive absenteeism

Rzeczpospolita, 05/2021 (Polish language)

More entities will fight money laundering

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, 5/2021 (Polish language)

Vaccination against COVID: Extra day off may be an incentive

Rzeczpospolita, 25.04.2021 (Polish language)

Accident at home:faith in word is not enough

Rzeczpospolita, 15.04.2021 (Polish language)

How to counter mobbing effectively

Pracownik Samorządowy, 12-18; 4/2021 (Polish language)

How to prevent bullying effectively

Pracownik Samorządowy, 4/2021 (Polish language)

PIP remote inspections

Kadry i Płace w Administracji, 4/2021 (Polish language)

Criteria for the selection of a financial institution within the PPK

Pracownik Samorządowy, 3/2021 (Polish language)

"Government closes firms again but remains silent on support" - comment, 3/2021 (Polish language)

"The indefensible manager" - comment

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Firma i Prawo, 3/2021 (Polish language)

Trade unions - grounds for termination of the employment

Radca prawny w Administracji, 3/2021 (Polish language)

Opinion on the possibility of combining support from crisis shields

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, 2.2021 (Polish language)

Answers to selected questions of entrepreneurs

Poradnik Gazeta Prawna, 1/2021 (Polish language)

Quarantine and the provision of labour

Pracownik Samorządowy, 1/2021 (Polish language)

Violation of security rules grounds for termination of contract

Kadry i Płace w Administracji, str. 24-27 12/2020 (Polish language)

Remote working - can an employee refuse

Rzeczpospolita, 11/2020 (Polish language)

Can a doctor exempt you from wearing a face mask in the workplace

Rzeczpospolita, 11/2020 (Polish language)

PPK and cooperation with the employee side

Pracownik Samorządowy, 10/2020 (Polish language)

The duty to cooperate during a DPA inspection

ABI EXPERT 9/2020 (Polish language)

Termination of employment contracts without notice through the fault of the employee

No cost for PPE contributions for three months

Rzeczpospolita, Kadry i Płace 8/2020 (Polish language)

Remote work according to The 4.0 shield

KIPWA 8/2020 (Polish language)

The 4.0 Shield: working remotely on your own terms

Rzeczpospolita 7/2020 (Polish language)

Termination of employment during COVID-19

KIPWA 7/2020 (Polish language)

How to effectively combat payment congestion during an epidemic

GDP, Firma i Prawo, C1-C4 6/2020 (Polish language)

Subsidy also for part of the month

Rzeczpospolita, Dobra Firma, Kadry i Płace nr 101; 4/2020 (Polish language)

"No penalty for reducing working hours of a foreigner" - comment

Rzeczpospolita 4/2020 (Polish language)

"Confusion over deadlines during pandemic: when to rush and when you can wait"- comment

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna nr 77, C2; 4/2020 (Polish language)

Coronavirus : longer settlement period will reduce staff shortages after pandemic

Rzeczpospolita, 4/2020 (Polish language)

Coronavirus: the Labour Code offers wider opportunities than the special act

Rzeczpospolita, 4/2020 (Polish language)

Coronavirus: the shield does not make life easier for employers

Rzeczpospolita, 4/2020 (Polish language)

OHS: remote training rather inadvisable

Rzeczpospolita, 4/2020 (Polish language)

The crisis shield for employers: excessive procedures, lack of definition

Rzeczpospolita, 4/2020 (Polish language)

Collective redundancies

Kadry i Płace w Administracji; 4/2020 (Polish language)

In the period of pandemic, periodic examinations are not necessary

Rzeczpospolita, 3/2020 (Polish language)

Coronavirus: downtime is not the employer's fault

Rzeczpospolita, 3/2020 (Polish language)

Authentication of documents in corporate archives

Wspólnota nr 12/2019, Kurier Prawny (Polish language)

Home office almost as teleworking

Personal data: information about the aplication on full-time job will flow not freely

Disciplinary dismissal is the ultimate solution

Flexibility is not a full freedom

Image under protection

Mind the court sentences. Not everyone are in accordance with the law

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Truck driver with the Polish salary

As the intuition so the payment

German rates will be checked by EU

First the policies and aims, then assessments and consequences

Submitted documents will replace a data protection clause

The whole crew to help the crippled and the disadvantaged

Germany will control temporary work agencies

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Germany sets up a minimum wage. Salaries of employees posted abroad will be checked

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Couple people – one desk. Open space restored

Occupational medicine physicians expose the company to additional costs

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Can bad luck be considered as the cause of an accident at workplace

Parent (un)protected from the collective redundancies

Contractual penalties are not always legal

Background screening, how to check the CV

Is it possible to assign the night shift on the last day of notice period?

Double salary for May day picnic

Termination of employment contract faster than law provides

Should the contracts with members of management board in state-owned companies be publicly accessible?

Employees can also bring class action lawsuits

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Charitie at work

Does the commute to construction site count in as working time

The termination of contract does not mean the end of loyalty

Employment agreements terrify employers

Outstanding deductions and payments for social funds shall be subject to limitation

Portal Centrum Rekrutacyjne

Will the court examine which party actually is responsible for termination of the employment agreement

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

The consequences of giving false information during the recruitment process

Pracownik Samorządowy

The corridor is no place for an employee’s locker room

When is it profitable to change from permanent employment to self-employment

Portal Centrum Rekrutacyjne

How to examine an employee’s objection to penalty for breach of employer’s order

How to avoid a mistake by the termination of an employment contract

Portal Centrum Rekrutacyjne

When does it come to overtime work

Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy

Do you earn less than colleagues? File for the compensation

Centrum Rekrutacyjne

Permanent employment not only by the Vistula River

Everything about the posting of employees abroad in 2013

Ebook 66 str.,

Comments in "The work overseas with the contact person"

Changing the working schedule is a wrong way to avoid payment for overtime hours

Juveniles are included in employment

What is the sanction for fragmentation of holiday leave

Here comes a revolution in the settlement of working time

Centrum Rekrutacyjne

Secret reason for departure

Outstanding days off are not always a fault of employer

Entrepreneur has to cooperate more often with the employee’s representation at the company"

Denunciation is desirable when it helps the company’s good

Doubtful effectiveness of bad scoring

The consequences of free services for an employee

Pracownik Samorządowy, nr 12/2012