The law firm SDZLEGAL Schindhelm acted as lead advisor, working with Saleor Commerce in the international reorganisation of its business.

SDZLEGAL Schindhelm acted as lead advisor to Saleor Commerce during the international reorganisation of its business.

Saleor Commerce (the "Company”) is a leader in open-source e-commerce solutions. The transaction was complex and included legal and tax advice consisting of:

  • securing financing for the Company during the transition period, in the form of convertible loans from investors;
  • the creation of an international holding structure, whereby ownership of all of the Company's shares was transferred to an entity based in the State of Delaware (United States of America) and the Company's existing shareholders became shareholders of the US company;
  • carrying out a second round of seed financing, the entity of which was an American holding company (the financing round took place in an American jurisdiction);
  • creating a cooperation model between the newly established US holding company and the Company.

Throughout the process, we were further responsible for coordinating the work of law firms from various jurisdictions, both European and US. We oversaw the legal aspects of the transaction, including the management of issues concerning the avoidance of so-called double taxation by non-Polish resident taxpayers.

Thanks to our support, new prospects for operations in the US market have opened up for the Company, including a source of funding from local investors and investment funds.

The transaction team advising Saleor Commerce consisted of: Tomasz Szarek (Managing Partner),  (PhD) Marcin Śledzikowski (Partner), AnnaDerdak (Manager), Daniel Kida (Senior Associate), Marek Michalski (Associate) oraz Bartłomiej Sordyl (Lawyer).

Autor: Tomasz Szarek
Autor: Marcin Śledzikowski
Autor: Daniel Kida
Autor: Anna Derdak
Autor: Marek Michalski
Autor: Bartłomiej Sordyl