Construction Law

The Building Law Department of sdzlegal Schindhelm attends to administrative issues of the construction process and to the legal services concerning the construction contracts in a broad meaning of the word, i.e. contracts concluded with entities performing different functions in the investment process.

Our legal activities include:

  • legal aid on issues connected with spatial development of the real estate;
  • legal aid on the administrative procedure preceding the commencement of the construction works as well as legal services in the course of construction works and at the stage of obtaining the use permit
  • preparation and negotiation of construction works contracts, including those concluded according to the FIDIC standards, as well as other contracts concluded in the construction process, in particular contracts for design works, investor’s supervision, investor’s representation, contracts with the contract engineer, including contracts concluded on the basis of public procurement procedures
  • preparation and negotiation of developer contracts;
  • advice at the stage of the realisation of the contract, including legal aid in judiciary proceedings