Prosument for tenants as a growth opportunity for the installation industry

Wszystko Działa (kwartalnik) 1/2024, str. 44; Polish language

Significant changes to RES have come into force

Wszystko działa, 4(31)/2023; Polish language

Development directions of the RES industry in Poland - legal aspects

Polish language

New developments in biomethane law

Energia i Recykling 12/2023; Polish anguage

Drastic reduction in renewable energy purchase obligation is imminent

Wszystko Działa (kwartalnik) 3/2023, str. 14 - 16 (Polish language)

Methane regulation - what's all the fuss about?

Magazyn Wszystko działa!; 07/2023 (Polish language)

Methane compromise to avoid crisis

Energia i Recykling, str. 45; 06/2023 (Polish language)

Covidium regulations and RES-E PRODUCERS

Energia i Recykling 5/2023, str. 44-45 (Polish language)

Biomethane in preparation

Energia i Recykling, str. 44 (Polish language)

At the beginning of next year, news on hydrogen regulation

Energia i Recykling 10/2022 (Polish language)

Constitution for hydrogen - legislative work in progress

Energia i Recykling; 09/2022 (Polish language)

It is known how energy cooperatives will be billed

Energia i Recykling 07/08.2022 , str. 50 (Polish language)

Consequences of loss of permit

Rzeczpospolita: Dobra Administracja Nr. 96, S. 13; 26.04.2022 (Polish language)

Energy clusters in the new

Energia i Recykling; 4/2022 (Polish language)

Major amendment to the RES Act on the horizon

Energia i Recykling; 3/2022 (Polish language)

Umbrella projects saved though?

Energia i Recykling Prawo i Podatki str. 49, 02/2022 (Polish language)

PFR writes off subsidies for companies, but algorithm can harm some of them, 4/2021 (Polish language)

From competition to green deal

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"Government closes firms again but remains silent on support" - comment, 3/2021 (Polish language)

PPA on target of ERO president

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Opinion on the possibility of combining support from crisis shields

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The legal framework for energy storage

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Answers to selected questions of entrepreneurs

Poradnik Gazeta Prawna, 1/2021 (Polish language)

Is the ERO rightly penalises RES power generators

Energia i Recykling, 12/2020 (Polish language)

The anti-crisis shield versus the zone permit - what threatens entrepreneurs

Automotive Suppliers, 12/2020 (Polish language)

Offshore law getting closer

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The EU Hydrogen Strategy

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How to effectively combat payment congestion during an epidemic

GDP, Firma i Prawo, C1-C4 6/2020 (Polish language)

Continued compensation for energy price increases

Rzeczpospolita 1/2020 (Polish language)