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Verification of the squeeze-out price

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The Commission will audit the transactions

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Reorganisation of a waste management company

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No more disputes over tenure on company boards.

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Commercial operation of a cryptocurrency exchange - what legal obligations?

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Sellers of ready-made companies and virtual offices will soon come under close supervision

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Doing business in the cryptocurrency space under the magnifying glass of the state

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Cooperatives, foundations and partnerships with new responsibilities

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"The indefensible manager" - comment

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The mechanism for determining the compulsory acqusition in a public company - critical arguments

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"The impact of COVID-19 on the functioning of bodies of companies" in Report: Coronavirus and the Law

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Common sense prevail!

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"Independence not only for the university councillor"

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Not every counsellor-client relationship limits their indepencence-layers' satisfaction with the CJEU judgement 2/2020 (Polish language)

How to prperly notify real beneficiary in the register

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Craftsman as entrepreneurs

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