Partner of the Law Firm Mrs Anna Specht-Schampera - legal expert of the RIPOK Council

We inform you with satisfaction, that the Partner of Law Firm, Mrs Anna Specht-Schampera has become a legal expert of the RIPOK Council. Therefore Mrs Anna Specht-Schampera joined narrow circle of the authorities from the field of waste management law.

What is the RIPOK Council:

The amended act on maintaining tidiness and order within communes, imposed new obligations connected with the organization of waste management system, above all, on Polish communes. However it is the Regional Installations of Communal Waste Reprocessing (RIPOK), which will constitute key elements of the new system. Therefore while planning an effective operation of waste management system within a region it is necessary to consider an experience and point of view of the users of the currently functioning facilities, as well as of the investors which are preparing to build new installations.


COUNCIL OF THE REPRESENTATIVES OF REGIONAL INSTALLATIONS OF COMMUNAL WASTE REPROCESSING – The RIPOK Council is an initiative supposing permanent monitoring of process of implementation of amended acts connected with waste management.


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