SDZLEGAL SCHINDHELM successfully substituted the debtor in a consumer bankruptcy proceeding

The bank paid funds to the developer contrary to the content of the loan agreement concluded with our client. The developer has declared bankruptcy and our client had paid off the loan for almost 10 years for an apartment that has never been built. Despite making regular repayments to the bank, it finally demanded repayment of the entire debt at once. There was no doubt that consumer bankruptcy was intended for those people who became insolvent without their fault. Thanks to the support of lawyers from our law office – Advocate and Insolvency administrator Aleksandra Krawczyk-Giehsmann, LL.M., and Partner, legal advisor dr Wojciech Dubis - we managed to lead to bankruptcy of the client and obtain a very favorable repayment plan for the creditors. In three years, after paying off only a small percentage of the loan amount, our client will be released from the debt in full.