Lawyers of SDZLEGAL SCHIENDHELM as co-authors of Standard for Minimum Program of Ethics under the auspices of Global Compact Network Polska

SDZLEGAL SCHIENDHELM law firm is a member of United Nations Global Compact – world’s largest organisation concerned with popularisation among private entrepreneurs of standards of balanced growth in fields of human rights, employees rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. On the national level the project is governed by National Network – Global Compact Network Polska.

Within Business and Human Rights program, which is aimed for practical usages of United Nations guidelines for business and human rights in ethical programs, the Ethics Commissioners Coalition was formed. The Coalition congregates enterprises and institutions that are actively engaged in implementation and propagation of ethical values. Legal advisor Katarzyna Gospodarowicz – Partner in SDZLEGAL SCHIENDHELM – is a member of Ethics Commissioners Coalition.

Legal advisor Katarzyna Gospodarowicz actively participated in drafting the Standard for Minimum Program of Ethics – prestigious program of best practices and ethical standards. Compliance with ethical values have significant importance for business partners, that during due diligence verifies whether potential contractor has code of best practices and how much he is fulfilling it, eventually they are demanding the application of their own ethical standards codes in agreement . This practice is more and more commonly used, due to the increasing awareness in risk management in supply chains and possibilities of supervision whether the actions of suppliers are in line with ethical requirements. A proper functioning of ethical programs and compliance systems has significant influence in minimalizing risks of breaking the law, loss of clients trust or high-reaching financial penalties.

SDZLEGAL SCHIENDHELM is offering you the proposition of specific compliance solutions, that will support the actions of the enterprise in usage of best market practices.