COVID-19 and the anti-crisis shield 3.0.

We regularly inform you about successive governmental bills referred to as “anti-crisis shields”. On 31st March this year the anti-crisis shield 1.0. was adopted and entered into force on the very same day.
On 18th April the anti-crisis shield 2.0. entered into force. On 28-29th April 2020 further drafts were published, including a draft law on interest subsidies on bank loans granted to provide liquidity to entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 (draft law on subsidies), as well as the draft law amending certain laws regarding protective measures with relation to the spread of SARS-CoV-2. On 14th May 2020
the latter draft was adopted by the Sejm and submitted to the President of the Republic of Poland for signature. The act entered into force on 16th May 2020. The government's work on the “subsidies act” is still ongoing and at the moment it is not known whether the act will be adopted.

HERE you will find a summary of the solutions contained in the already binding law, so called anti-crisis shields 1.0. and 2.0., divided into specific relevant topics. We have marked these solutions
in black. The amendments and supplements introduced under the law of 14th May 2020, now called anti-crisis shield 3.0, have been marked in red.