The impact of Brexit on how businesses and families operate

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How to prevent the liquidation of a general partnership after the death of a partner - commentary

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Brexit makes insolvency and restructuring proceedings much more difficult

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More difficult litigation and enforcement after Brexit. What entrepreneurs have to bear in mind

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Covid changes line-ups in civil cases - single-member as a rule 'Trinity'...exceptionally ; "Courts grapple with covid - e-trials and e-services are supposed to help" ; "Coronavirus an argument for changes in judicial assemblies"

The transfer of the workplace excludes the expiration of the contract due to the death of the employer

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How to effectively combat payment congestion during an epidemic

"A civil law partnership may account for partners' sins"- comment

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"No penalty for reducing working hours of a foreigner" - comment

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How to sort things out more easily after a deceased spouse

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Common sense prevail!

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"Independence not only for the university councillor"

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Not every counsellor-client relationship limits their indepencence-layers' satisfaction with the CJEU judgement 2/2020 (Polish language)

ShareholdersLiability for Ruining a Company in Light of the CJEU's Judgment in Kornhaas'

European Business Organisation Law Review 3/2019