Slovakia: Important changes in the register of public sector partners

More transparency
As of November 2019, new legal regulations will bring even more transparency into the structures of companies that make use of public tenders or state aid.

The definition of a “public sector partner” is new. In the future, however, there will be no registration requirement for so-called “public businesses” and for the financial sector.

New interpretation rules for the determination of the value of a “repeated performance” should help to define the registration obligation more clearly.

Determination of top management, penalties, new deadlines
The definition of “top management” is also new. This only refers to the members of the statutory body (i.e. managing directors and board members, but not authorised signatories).

The upper limit of fines for the members of the statutory body - who are also jointly and severally liable - shall be EUR 100,000.

The annual verification of the end user of benefits by 31/12 must, in the future, be submitted to the register by 28/02 of the following year.

Author: Petra Krajcik