Anna Materla



Anna Materla is attorney-at-law since 2016. She gained her professional experience in one of the law firms in Wrocław specialized in commercial law and working as an in-house lawyer.

From 2013 to 2015 she was trainee attorney-at-law at the Wrocław Bar Association. She studied law at the University of Wrocław, graduated also from „Computer Science and Econometrics” at the Wrocław University of Economics with a bachelor’s degree. Within the framework of LLP Erasmus she studied at the University of Cologne. She completed the School of German Law, School of Austrian Law, and School of American Law. In 2014 she completed postgraduate studies in German translation for law and economics in business. In 2013 she commenced Ph.D. studies in the Wrocław University Research Centre for Legal and Economic Issues of Electronic Communications.