Agnieszka Bonikowska

Trainee attorney-at-law

Contact details

T +48 71 3265140
F +48 71 3265141

Main areas
  • Corporate
  • Data Protection Law
  • Contracts and Standard Terms
  • Employment


Agnieszka Bonikowska advises domestic and foreign companies on labour law, as well as on matters connected with procedural law, law of contracts and data protection law. She is a member of labour law department at SDZLEGAL SCHINDHELM.

Within the area of labour law Agnieszka Bonikowska prepares drafts of employment contracts, agreements, documents concerning termination of the employment relationship, internal sources of labour law and other documents in the field of labour law. She also advises on matters connected with health and safety at work.   

In the field of data protection Agnieszka Bonikowska prepares drafts of data security policies, instructions specifying the method of managing the computer system, confidentiality agreements, personal data processing agreements, authorizations, evidences and consents to the processing of personal data.


  • preparing drafts of the opinions and legal informations in the field of labour law and civil law
  • legal advising for the Polish and international entrepreneurs
  • preparing drafts of agreements and documentation in the area of data protection


Agnieszka Bonikowska works at SDZLEGAL SCHINDHELM law firm since February 2017.

Prior to joining it, Agnieszka Bonikowska gained her experience during her studies in leading Breslau law firms.

From 2010 to 2015 she studied law at the University of Wroclaw at Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics. Within the framework of MOST-Programme she studied at the University of Warsaw. She completed School of German Law established in cooperation with Humboldt University of Berlin and School of Austrian Law established in cooperation with Salzburg University.

After graduation, she gained foreign experience working in Berlin and Potsdam in Germany. She completed also internship at one of the biggest law firms in Dresden, Germany.

From January 2017 she is entered in the list of legal trainee at the District Chamber in Wrocław.